Will it be a Sad Love Story or Not?

Many men can’t show their love. You have to look harder to see his signs of love. Signs are the things you look for that cry out ‘He loves me!’ There are many signs that do just that. Make sure your love life is a happy one, not a sad love story. There is three signs that tell all: Shifting of the focus, behavior and priorities.

The behavior is the first to change in any person that is in love. Calling to see how the day went and how you are hanging in there. He may just want to hear your voice. It is always the expression that says it all. Staring at you and not wanting anything more to do than that, says he loves you. Ether that or he is fixated on you.

His priorities have also changed. His eyes only see one woman and that is you, no one else. When you are with him he only sees you and does not look at any other women. You are the most beautiful woman in the world in his eyes. When he goes out of his way to get you something you have been craving is also a sign. If you have gone to the next stage of your relationship it is sweet. You know he really cares though if he would be with you even if you do not go to that next level.

He would rather spend his free time with you not his friends is another of the signs. He will do whatever you want to do with your time and sacrifice his free time to do it with you. Even if it is getting your hair done, he will do it just to be with you. He will even watch all of those sappy sad romantic story movies with you.

When he sees you in his future is another sign. Meeting his family is a sure sign he loves you very much. If his job has a party that is months away and he asks you to go to it, he is thinking of your future together. Asking about what you want to do with your life is also a good sign. Marriage and kids is another thing he may ask you. Maybe even where you want to live.

If he cannot have enough of you, then he loves you. Wanting to talk about you and not himself, like a lot of guys do. Hearing your voice on the other end of the phone pleases him and the sound of your voice is all he wants to hear.

Being with you 24/7 is what he wants to do. Wanting to know all about you and your goals in life. And when wants you to meet his parents and siblings. If he wants to know if you want to get married and have kids, then the man is crazy in love with you. If you still do not know for sure test him, go away for a few hours and if he asks you if your are okay then he is madly in love with you. Now you know that your love story will be a happy one, not a sad love story.