The Benefits of Using a Neoprene Rash Vest & 3 of Todays Top Choices

Rash vests have become the apparel of choice for many people who are engaged in different water sports. In the past, surfers would just pick the first vest that they could get hold of, make sure that they would fit in it and that would be good enough. They just needed it for the protection that it could give them. They never did mind whether it looked good or not, as long as it served the function that they needed it for, that was enough. Times have changed though, surfers like any other sportsmen have become conscious that they need to look good for the people who are watching them. That is why there is such a boom in making and selling a good Neoprene rash vest today.

Today surfers need to make sure that the vest that they will be buying will be a good match for their surf board. It seems unthinkable to wear a rash vest that does not go with the color of their board. Color is not the only thing that you have to consider when buying rash vest. You also need to take into account the different designs and styles that are now available. There are so many of them that it can be hard to choose. The making of rash guards have become an industry by itself. It has also caught the eyes of the manufacturers of other sports equipment. The materials used for today’s rash vest have wicking properties that can help remove sweat and moisture away from the body, they are also lightweight, and slick. Such qualities are valuable and useful for other forms of sports. Even golfers have started wearing these vests during their practice.

If you would like to try wearing a neoprene rash vest, then here are some of the best that are available today:

Volcom Neoprene Rash Vest

Volcom has long been associated with such sports as skateboarding and surfing. Now their Volcom Neoprene Rash Vest is offering you the best when it comes to surfing apparel. It has side panels with contrasting colors and the ever cool Volcom stone on the chest. This is one of the coolest things that you can wear out on the beach. You can buy this rash vest for about $70.

Swarm Childs Rash Vest

This vest was made to ensure that you will stay a lot longer in the water by keeping your body warm. It is made from a special neoprene that stretches and can keep you protected no matter what you will be doing in the water. Buy this cheap rash vest online for about $20.

Billabongs Men’s Amphibious Rash Vest

Billabong is another name that has long been associated with surfing and other water sports. It’s not surprising therefore that this rash vest from them is highly regarded by surfers and swimmers everywhere. A great quality rash vest at a great price, you can buy it for about $30.

Amazon is a great place to shop for rash vests. They have a lot of choices and their prices are often very competitive if not down right cheaper than you can find elsewhere.