Promote Your Brand in an Online World

Maybe you are trying to advertise for a large company, or perhaps you have a shop set up inside 3D games such as IMVU. Either way, you have a brand that needs some recognition. With their ever growing audience and wide variety of demographics, chat rooms inside virtual environments offer some of the most cost effective advertising you can find. If you know how to properly take advantage of the opportunity supplied by these games, you can help to get your brand recognized in many corners of the world.


The most obvious way to get things advertised in a virtual environment is to purchase advertising space inside the world. In order to help pay for the equipment needed to set up the multitude of chat rooms, the developers of these games offer advertising space within the world.  Depending on the popularity of the game, this advertising space may be extremely cheap compared to advertising other places on the internet. However some players have conditioned themselves to completely ignore these advertisements and no longer pay any attention to them. As a marketer there are ways around this mental block.

Strategically Placed Players

One of the things you may want to do is hire people to play the game. This may seem a bit silly, but there is a good reason behind it. People place the most trust in recommendations made to them by other people. By hiring players to go inside the world and recommend products to other players at appropriate times, you can often convince these players to use your brand. You must be careful with this however, as anyone who is too obvious about their affiliation with your brand may generate distrust among the other players.

Create Your Own Shop

One of the other ways you can advertise your brand in an online world is to create a shop within that world. Players are always wander around looking for ways to spend their credits in the world. By opening a shop in the world you can sell small wares that help to get the word of your brand out on the (virtual) street. This can be extremely effective, as those who are looking to buy your virtual items are interested in your brand and willing to take a chance to see what your service is like. This is one of the most effective ways of promoting your brand in online worlds.