Best Entry Level Digital Piano

Previously, I have discussed the traditional piano and some of its brands and styles. So, today, I will introduce to you an alternative to the traditional piano, which is the digital piano and more specifically, the best entry level digital piano. You can take a look at some options for the digital piano here.

Before any confusion starts to get in your way because of the many optons, from the traditional piano and the digital piano there is also the electronic keyboard. So let me describe for you their differences before we discuss the digital piano because these two are often subject of confusion when it comes to the modern piano instrument. The digital piano is different from an electronic keyboard in such a way that it is not as portable as the latter. A digital piano looks like a small version of the traditional acoustic piano. It still has a headboard, a cushioned seat, and pedals as well. But, with an electronic keyboard, the design is literally just the keyboard itself that is why it is the most portable of all kinds of piano instruments. The package usually includes a keyboard and stand. The similarities between the digital piano and electronic keyboard are that they both use electronic sound chips, MIDI controls, speakers, and a built-in sequencer. Both don’t have strings, hammers, and soundboards which the traditional piano has. And, they both don’t need tuning. They are purely modern.

With the digital piano, one can explore various piano sounds (organ, acoustic, electronic) with different beats and tempos, and can accompany the music he or she plays with different instruments. It is believed that the digital piano was invented to provide assistance to music composers, because this kind of modern piano has a headphone output for focusing, a recorder, a built-in rhythm choices and other composition features.

If you are a beginner in playing the piano, then the best entry level digital piano is one that has 32 voices of polyphony. A polyphony is the maximum number of simultaneous notes, or what is commonly called voices, that a keyboard can generate, according to For entry level piano playing, a digital piano is recommended because of its keyboard’s touch sensitivity. Unlike the traditional piano that has weighted action, a digital piano simulates the touch of piano keys. Some claim that because of this the performance range of the players is limited. Well, this claim is subjective. It is still dependent on the player as to what extent or for what purpose he or she wants to use a digital piano for.

In choosing which brand of digital piano to buy, do not compromise the quality with the expenditure. Some of the trusted brands are Yamaha, Kawai, and Casio.