The Best Beauty Buys for $3 and Up

Any girl who has done her share of shopping for beauty products knows that picking the right items for your skin can be a daunting task. The main difficulty lies in the fact that there are so many products from which you have to take your pick.

What to Consider When Buying Beauty Products- There are a lot of things that you have to consider when you are out shopping for some beauty products. If you do not keep yourself aware about the qualities to look for then you might end up wasting your money. Here are just some of the things that you need to think about when you are doing beauty shopping:

What’s Your Skin Type?
– I think that one of the major considerations that you have to think about when shopping for beauty products is the type of skin that you have. Each skin type has certain characteristics that have to be dealt with. This has something to do as well with the kind of pores that your skin has. Picking some beauty product that is inappropriate for your skin type can cause irritation, blemishes and some other worse damage.

Labels: They Were Placed There for a Purpose-
The labels on beauty products were placed there for a purpose. The information for beauty products are written there. Manufacturers are obliged to write the information about their products on the label. It is better for you if you are going to make use of that information. If you are more familiar with the active ingredients used in these products then you can use the products that can suit you and stay away from the ones that contain ingredients that can be harmful.

Citric and salicylic acids, kojic and trichloroacetic for example are ingredients that can be useful in treating acne, spots of discoloration and excessive production of skin oil. If you see Azelaic-acid written on the label then there is a good chance that you can use it for acne in place for retinoids which some claim is the best treatment for that kind of skin problem.. The problem with retinoid is that it can harm sensitive skin. Adenosine triphosphate and praline are the ingredients to look for if want to repair some mutations caused by exposure to the sun.

Super Products- The more benefits that are promised by a product the warier you should be. There is simply no super beauty product that can resolve all of the skin problems that you have. Companies are out thinking of the best ways that they can entice new customers. They make some exaggerated claims to do that. It is not surprising that you will encounter products that can clear your skin after a few days of use. Clearing skin takes time.

Seeking the Advice of a Professional– Asking your dermatologist is perhaps the best and easiest way that you can get some guidance on what beauty product to buy. This is especially true if you have been consulting your dermatologist for sometime and they know about your medical history. Just don’t take their recommendations as gospel however. You still have to do some research.

You have to admit the fact that the price of a product also plays an important role in your decision. Don’t worry about that, because everyone is thinking about it. That is not being cheap, that’s just being smart. These days we all need to think up of some means that we can save some money. So when you are shopping for beauty products you have to check the prices as well. In fact some people check the prices first and everything else afterwards.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water- When the temperature goes up the skin usually suffers. This product from Vichy is a simple solution for all of that. All you have to give yourself a little spray of this liquid and you’re a step closer to being refreshed even after a long trip. The water is filled with minerals, the same minerals that you can find in natural springs. This kind of mixture still can not be duplicated by science today. You can get this product for about $13.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pink Grapefruit Exfoliating Scrub– Filled with extracts from fruits like lemon and grapefruit you can expect this scrub to be rich in antioxidants.
The smell of this scrub is also another reason why it so popular. You can get this product for about $4.

Specific Beauty Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths
– Cleansing wipes is fast becoming a necessity in our on the go world, but these wipes make things even better. One side of the wipe is filled with beads that are ideal for exfoliation while the other side is for removing makeup. A packet of these wipes cost about $7.

Mustela Bebe Hydra-Stick- If you have always looked for a product that can work in moisturizing your lips then this is it. But it can do more than that. It can also moisturize cuticles and the skin right under your eyes. You can get this for about $10.

Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion– There are moments when your skin might feel a little overly sensitive. This lotion is perfect for resolving that problem. It does not have any harsh ingredients and it uses mostly natural and organic ingredients.

Clean and Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer with SPF 15
– This is a facial lotion that can absorb the excess oil to keep your makeup intact. Ideal for use in spring and in summer. You can get this useful lotion for about $7.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips– When these pore strips first became popular I tried them out. I didn’t realize before that I still had so many blackheads and whiteheads that were hidden at the side of my nose. All the while I was thinking that my skin was as great as it could be.Good ting they were able to come up with something like this. You can use it once a week and a box costs about $9.

Max Factor Lipstick in Ms. Understood-
The great thing about this lipstick is that you can use it to add a little color to your cheeks. Just rub it in and that’s it, you have instant color to your cheeks. Being from a high end brand it is surprising that this lipstick is very affordable. You can get this for about $8.

Shower Saver from Neutrogena
– We all have to think about saving some money. Now if you want to save even further with your beauty product shopping then this product is idea for you. It can serve as a body wash and a shaving gel at the same time. Another advantage with this product is that it is not going to cause clogging. You can get it for about $8.

Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs- This is another dual purpose product. You can get a tan with it and conceal some stubble at the same time. It minimizes the need for you to shave that often which means a lot less hassle especially when you want to go out in revealing outfits. The natural ingredients help to buildup a natural looking tan and acts to minimize the appearance of stubble at the same time. You can get this product for about $10.