How To Make Real Money Online

I believe that making money with the internet is somewhat simple. However, like other methods used to make money, there will be skills that need to be learned. This article will provide a basic outline of what you’ll need to learn to get started.

Keyword Selection

Perhaps that most crucial aspect of building quality online traffic is your selection of keywords. Most people choose extremely difficult keywords and for this reason, aren’t able to ever build traffic. If you choose easier keywords that can still provide traffic, you will find the entire process to be a lot easier.

Making a LOT of money is simply a matter of scale at that point. In other words, find easy keywords and find a lot of them.

Content Creation

Once you find some solid keywords, you will of course need to start targeting them. This is done by setting up a web page (often done most easily by using a blog post) and putting the keywords in the right places. This of course is somewhat simple:

  • Use the keyword in the HTML title
  • Use the keyword within the text that appears on the page
  • Use the keyword in a link (accomplished by using it as a tag)

Google is of course a relevancy engine and they want to see the keyword in the right places.

Link Building

In order for Google to believe that your page is worthwhile, they will want to see that other websites have linked to it. Basically, this proves to them that your piece of content is worthwhile. In other words, in order to do well building traffic with Google, you will need to get links from other websites.

Getting these links can be accomplished in many different ways. For one, you can write articles for other websites. They will often publish your articles and will allow you to link back to your site. You can also publish material that you know other people will enjoy. This will generally help you to get ‘organic’ links.


Many people wonder how to make money with Google, and this is the basic concept:

  • Select good keywords
  • Create content
  • Build links from other websites