The Schiff Effect: A New Wave Push for a Gold Standard

World-renowned global analyst, author, and gold investment expert are many titles associated with Peter D. Schiff. As a man of many talents, he naturally found himself in the front seat of a drive towards securing today’s wealth in gold investments. His strategies have ignited controversy world wide as to wither or not to bring back gold as the commonly used currency. Understanding the past will help you understand the future of where your investments may lead you. All starting with a snowball effect, there once was a time where there was a world with gold as world currency.

With the creation of banks, came the creation of modern day currency, the paper back bills. Originally, the bank was only intended to store your gold for safekeeping, but slowly it involved to a business that controls most of the world’s wealth. After a while of operating like this, the banks would start to hand out receipts of how much an “investor’ has stored in the bank. Time progressed and other banks started accepting each other’s “notes” or bills as currency. This eventually caught on to the point where the modern day paperback bill was born. As this promissory note began to gain popularity, the benefits of carrying a piece of paper over takes of gold became more apparent. Thus, the paper back was intended to be of X amount of value based on economy and gold rates.

What does this mean to you and your wealth? As the dollar continues to spiral out of control, the exits are closing them selves and the ones stuck riding the dollar will crash and burn with it. The only way to protect your investment from crash’n’burn is to invest it into something of monitory value, no better choice for investing then what the money you used today is based off of.

Schiff states that gold is surprisingly low with how fast the economy is declining. This means that not many people have chosen this route for investing their money. The market is wide open for you to get your feet wet. The only thing that is holding you back is yourself and your own suspicions towards investing your wealth. With various options out there, what type of gold do you exactly buy? This question is easily answered, avoid numismatic gold. This is the type of gold you typically find on late night infomercials. These gold coins are sold for their rarity, not their value in gold. It would be like trying to invest your money in rubber, so in turn you buy a whole bunch of tires. When buying these tires you are charged for what the rubber created, not for the rubber itself. Bullion gold is the type of gold in which you will want to invest your money. Bar shaped, this gold is very easily recognized and will be your golden ticket to a secure future.

Take Schiff’s word of advice, “Buy now and save thousands, buy later and spend thousands.” This statement alone should spark a frenzy in the gold market. Which team will you be on, the winning team or the losing team? Gold 1 Dollar 0 and it is only half time in this recession.