How to Use Joomla 1.6

Joomla is a popular choice of open source content management system for independent website developers and open source software solution for small businesses. The popularity of this system expanded its reach among universities, organizations, government departments, and media. In 2005, Joomla has won the Best Linux/Open Source Project. And, with Joomla, one gets to maximize the use of seach engine optimization. Through the continued success of Joomla, its developers continued to enhance its system by developing several Joomla versions. In fact, the latest of its versions is the Joomla 1.6.

Today, you will learn how to use the Joomla 1.6 version. Before you even begin to use Joomla, you must first have to search for the latest file package version Joomla 1.6. In the official website of Joomla, you can download it for free. Before installation, you must create a MySQL database. It is the Structure Query Language, which allows one to set up Joomla in any hosted web server. Always remember the username and password used in your database. The, unpack the Joomla file package. But, before you begin, you must install the PHP, or the Hypertext Preprocessor scripts that are typical while running a web server. To simplify, starting up the Joomla needs the support of a hosting account of a hosted server. The examples of packages for Joomla are WampServer2 for Windows and XAMPP for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You will know if you have installed the right hosted server and package when the Joomla installation wizard appears. Now, the installation wizard instructions are less complicated that setting up the database and server and uploading al the files in the server.

Once the installation is completely, you will observe that you automatically have two sites: your public site, with you own choice of URL, and the administration site, where you do all the managing of contents. To simplify, like a stage show, your public site is your front act, while the administration site is the backstage, where all the preparation happens. You can manage everything that is available in the control panel and menu bar.

Just to give you a rundown on why Joomla 1.6 is so far the best version, let me discuss how to maximize the use of its most distinct feature, the ACL or Access Control Levels.
With the ACL in Joomla 1.6, one can maximize the following options:
1. Permit a single user to edit a single article.
2. Permit only two or a group of people to edit a single article
3. Permit a user to add and edit articles under only in one category.
4. Have at least three groups of users that are each associated with a single (or multiple)
category they can edit articles in.
5. Create customized permission in the administrative site for different administrator