The 5 Most Reliable Mafia War Hints

Don’t get robbed and keep losing your battles. Improve your game instead.

Here are five reliable mafia hints to get you on your way to becoming an unparalleled crime boss who destroys all targets — while winning big bucks.

HINT #1: Don’t go looking for trouble with someone vastly superior to you.

That means you don’t challenge someone who already has death tolls of over 400 — even if you’re on their hit list. It also means you don’t go after a character that is too many levels above you — like 25 levels or more.

Only start fights where you can walk away the victor. If a family member is in a fight, of course you must show up for loyalty. However, strive to duck out fast lest you get defeated.

HINT #2: Create the biggest mafia family possible.

With a super-sized group of loyalists you can make the strongest attacks. So do not hesitate to invite other players to join your mafia. What if those players are not as strong as you are? Don’t worry. Dole out gifts of battle gear like armor, weapons, and transportation and watch them grow stronger. You might also consider giving them energy points.

A note about gifting: Do it privately. Don’t announce it.

HINT #3 Save or Hide Your Money.

Give money to your mafia family members, put it in a reliable bank (not one in New York), or secure it through the purchase of real estate and businesses. Weapons are a tricky investment as many simply don’t yield enough attack points. Be very selective.

In order to save money, you have to earn it. Never hesitate to earn money by doing as many jobs as possible as you advance to new levels in the underworld.

After all your hard work, if you choose not to stash your dough and instead take it with you to a fight, consider yourself already robbed.

HINT #4: Purposely Get Put on a Hit List.

That’s right. Cajole a low life much weaker than you to add you to a hit list for a mafia whose power is dwarfed by your own family’s muscle.

HINT #5: Be Strategic with Godfather Points.

When spending points, analyze the circumstance to see if it will be more effective for you to buy Mafia Wars energy points or to buy upgrade points. In upgrading, you automatically claim extra energy even if the upgrades are more expensive.

In closing, remember that software developers behind the creation and improving of Mafia Wars are all aware of the widespread trend of using tactics and cheat codes. They actually build the game around these strategies so it’s in your best interest to use them. Hope you enjoyed those hints for mafia.