Make Money From Home With These 5 Ideas

Finding time to build a business is a tricky thing. So is figuring out what kind of business to make. You have the regular retail business, network marketing, internet marketing, real estate, insurance, and a whole host of others. There are also those that just want a little extra income and some legitimate ways to make money from home. Those are the kinds of options I am going to discuss here.

1. Make money with a blog
Have you ever made a post to your facebook wall? Update the status on myspace? Well if so then that is pretty much what a blog is. Its a great way to build a site targeted towards any topic and with some linkbuilding you can then build traffic, provide high quality content and make money from home.

2. Make money with ebay
Ebay is a great world wide market place that you can use to sell used, or new products, get rid of the stuff you dont use, build a long term auction business, or make some extra sales with an existing business.

3. Make money with youtube
With over 100 million hits a month youtube has all the traffic needed to get in the right place to make money at home. With nothing more than a computer, webcam or video camera. Sign up with some affiliate companies and promote their products with a link in the summary or a link to your blog or website.

4. Make money with craigslist
Perfect for those that dont want to have a yard sale yet still want to sell things locally. There is no sign up cost, nor any listing fees. Simply create an article, with or without pictures and decide on the contact form you prefer and let others come to you. Sell your stuff or give it away for free.

5. Make money with surveys
If you give your opinion a lot then you could make money from it. Sign up for some free sites that offer surveys for products or services in areas your familiar with and you could make a good income or spare cash.