Saving Tips On Reducing Transmission Time For Broadcast Faxing

The innovation of broadcast faxing had made the message transmission, events organization and personal transactions faster and easier. This type of method had also reduced the prevalence of red tape from too much paper works. Companies – big or small that is, had saved fractions of money compared to the traditional method of giving out bulletins and sales catalogues to prospect clients and loyal partners. Because of these broadcast faxing, having bulk faxing can be done in just a matter of seconds.

Given all these advantages, it is still necessary not to splurge on the fax message since transmission time also requires payment. It is minimal compared to the old school way; nevertheless, you should still have to reduce the broadcasting time and just utilize what is needed and necessary so that other funds will still be utilized for the company. The following are key points on how to save transmission time in cases of bulk faxing.

First is that you have to consider the fonts that you are using. When sending out bulk faxing using broadcast faxing, you have to use a standardized font that is legible like Times New Roman font sized 12 to 14, which helps minimize black space and reduces page transmissions. Another thing is the graphics. Sometimes, faxing requires you to insert graphics like imposing your brand logo or building a trademark graphic in your communication. Case in point, resize the logo in a smaller size and it is standard to place it in the upper right corner so that even though it is small, it is still prominent and visible.

Then, you should also consider the number of words you write in your message. You have to make your message short yet concise. This way, your message is conveyed properly in a short number of words. This is also beneficial for your reader since they appreciate shorter message because this would not take too much of their time. Lastly, you have to check the quality of paper. You also have to make sure that there are no extra markings and the paper is clean. If there are any markings of sorts, your message would look ugly and some fax machines would pick up the markings and it will be registered into the transmission.