Choose Wood Carved Signs

For practical appeal and a minor financial investment, there’s no advertising that beats wood carved signs. To make a sign requires only the space of an hour or so, costs next to nothing, and can be planted all around town to attract attention from customers. Many small businesses find that producing wooden signs gives a homey, rustic feel that lends better reception than a staggering billboard or a thirty second TV ad. The choice of wood carved signs is simply that of materials and the actual message itself how big or how small you need it to be is the determining factor in the cost of the project.

While hard woods like oak, chestnut, and cherry are highly prized as building materials, they are less practical for making outdoor signs due to their higher cost and inflexibility. Choosing a wood like pine or ash, for example, will cost less without sacrificing any of the capability to interest customers. Indeed, the least expensive type of wood you can find at a hardware store or from a garage sale is ideal, as pressure treated wood or pre painted wood will only rack up the price tag without adding any tangible benefits. A simple pine plank at four feet by six feet costs around fifteen dollars, which is likely enough space for any business logo, catch phrase, or promotional offers.

The message of your sign can be several words or just one we’ve all seen a farmer looking to sell his produce by the roadside with a simple wood sign that says “fruit”. For many people driving by, there is less chance that a road sign will have the time required to implant a lengthy message — which billboards rely on, stationed at parts of a city where traffic is worst — so the more concise, the better. The banner stands rollup signs at trade shows function the same way, having to get their point across as quickly as possible.

Painting the message or the sign itself can be done on the cheap as well. Oil based paint is needed for any wooden surface, as water paint will not stick to the wood and will come out at the first chance of rain or snow. Allow any coat of paint to dry overnight. Red is the first color perceived by the human eye, so painting the message in red against a white or black background will draw attention, even if unconsciously.