Mens Trail Running Shoe – My Top Favorite

Hey again fellow trail runners, today I want to write to you about mens trail running shoes and my mens trail running shoe favorite. Now the good news is that these trail running shoes are also great for women. So ladies, if you see me talking about mens trail running shoe, just read in womens trail running shoe. Shoe manufacturers are becoming more savvy and designing shoes that they then offer for both sexes.

This is terrific news. Now one small caveat. If you’re a woman, don’t choose a mens trail running shoe, and if you’re a man don’t choose a womens trail running shoe. I know I’ve been tempted. Sometimes one or the other sexes shoes go on sale. Don’t do it. There are physiological differences between men and women and when it comes to running this is one are where you shouldn’t cheap out.

Your trail running shoe is extremely important. I’d argue the most important aspect of trail running. Not to dismiss trail running apparel, but the shoe is king. Running naked is not really an option, but more important in my humble opinion is the mens trail running shoe you choose.

My first choice happens to be the Adidas Men’s Kanadia. I have been a huge fan of New Balance as you’ll have noticed from previous posts. But lately, this Adidas Kanadia is my current fav. And there is the Adidas Women’s Kanadia as my fav womens trail running shoe.

I love this shoe mostly because of the following features. I just find adiPRENE to be one of the best absorbing materials that I’ve had on the bottom of my feet. It just gives really nicely without being spongy. The other thing I like is the BOUNCE ™ technology that has been newly introduced by Adidas and it works in a way that your momentum is used as energy to propel you forward as your heel to toe strikes the ground. Now I don’t know if this has been scientficaly proven but I’ll tell you that my last few runs in the Adidas Men’s Kanadia did seem to be noticeably easier. And I’m sure I’m not getting fitter.

So that my friends is my top choice for mens trail running shoe and womens trail running shoe. The Adidas Kanadia has one minor drawback, for me anyway. I’m just not really taken by the design of the shoe. Nevertheless it works. It has a great price point, and I love it. I’ll post a more detailed review soon.

Now get out there and go for a trail run.