Running Shoes Review

Welcome runners young and old this my first running shoes review. Today I’m going to spend just a bit of time reviewing a pair of New Balance trail running shoes. Personally, I’m a big fan of New Balance running shoes, especially this first pair that will be my first running shoes review pair. In the interest of full disclosure, I own 2 pairs of these puppies. I love them that much. Currently, I’d have to say that this pair of trail running shoes is my favorite. Now for you ladies out there, I know you’ve reached my mens trail running blog, but please think of this as a womens trail running blog too. The New Balance trail running shoe that I’m reviewing today is made in both men’s and women’s versions. So I hope that you get value from this running shoes review post.

The first running shoes review is based upon the New Balance Men’s MT572 Outdoor All Terrain Trail Shoe. My personal fav at the moment. This is also available as the New Balance Women’s WT572 Outdoor All Terrain Trail Shoe for women. They’re pretty much identical.

Here are some of the top qualities that I love about the MT572. It has a meshed, man made upper. This is super breathable and flexible. I might have mentioned elsewhere that running in this pair of shoes it feels like my feet are enveloped by a cozy and flexible pair of socks. I find most New Balance trail running shoes are made this way. Just a comfy, snug but not tight fit. So far I’ve put on about 300 miles on each of my 2 pairs of the New Balance MT572 and the wear has just been fantastic. Nothing on the upper materials has frayed or torn, and I have snagged my shoes a few times on twigs and small roots on a couple of my runs.

Now to move to the running shoes review of the tread of the New Balance MT572. The tread is incredibly sturdy. This is another feature I’ve always liked about New Balance running shoes in general, but especially their trail running shoes. The tread is robust, sturdy, but at the same time remaining flexible. Wear has been excellent so far on these 300 miles or so I have put on them. I wear slightly on the outer heel of the tread, but the grip is still great. I have found these shoes to be amongst the gripyest I have run trails in. They grip pretty much all sorts of terrain except the most slippery and wet of rocks. But I just don’t know how you can over come that. I’m always exceptionally careful running around wet and shiny rocks. I suggest you take caution there too!

If I can be a little picky in this running shoes review, I’ll have to say that there is one drawback to the New Balance MT572. It fits small. What I mean by this, is that I have had to buy a full size larger than I normally take, to have this New Balance trail running shoe fit to my liking. So please bear this in mind. One other thing that this running shoes review found with the MT572, is that it is surprisingly light for a trail running shoe. As you know, trail running shoes, being a little more robust and sturdy are usually noticeably heavier than road running shoes. Not so much the MT572.

Well my fellow trail runners, I hope this running shoes review has been helpful. Let me know what you think of these shoes if you get yourself a pair. Now get out there and run like the wind.