Used Golf Carts Make Sense

Golf carts can get very expensive.  Buying one used can really save you a lot of money.  You will find that you can get some really good deals on used golf carts.  Many people buy these like they buy cars.  They get a new one every year or two.  You will find that people like this are not concerned about getting top dollar for their used golf carts.  They simply want to upgrade and are looking to get rid of their old one.  This allows you to get a cart that is like new for a lot less money.  The following are tips on finding a good used golf cart.

1.  Visit your local pro shop —  If it has to do with golf in your area, these folks know about it.  This a great source for information.  They can let you know if anyone is looking to sell their used golf cart.  Chances are good you will find one or two and you might just find a fabulous deal.

2.  Shop after the season —  The time to get the best deals is when people have their carts stored away somewhere and are not using them.  This may be the time they decided to get rid of them.  Maybe they are planning on upgrading next season and would like to get it out of their garage.  Keep an eye on the ads in your newspaper.  Craigslist is also a great place to look.

3.  Look for used models in the stores —  You won’t typically find a lot of these but if you do you can get a really good deal.  Every once in a while they will sell a demo or will have one or two used ones for one reason or another.  Make sure you ask.  These are not always displayed.

There is no shortage of used golf carts for sale.  You just need to know where to look and don’t give up.  Shop in the off season and follow the above tips.  You will find a great used golf cart and save yourself a lot of money.