What Is A Rash Vest Garment Used For?

When the vacation season rolls around each summer, the number one vacation destination is always the beaches.  Many families consider a beach trip to be a yearly ritual and jump in the car and head straight there each year for some serious rest, relaxation, and fun.  It’s easy to see why beaches are so popular.  The beach is a great place for adults to relax and unwind from their stressful jobs. 

Children are wildly enthusiastic about the beach because they can have fun in the water and play in the sand at the same time.  While there are a few things you have to be on the lookout for while at the beach, such as stinging jellyfish, sun exposure is one of the more dangerous things to be aware of.  You can protect your skin and also the skin of your family members by wearing rash vests.

Rash vests were not originally designed for sun protection.  Instead, they were conceived as a garment that surfers could wear to protect them from chafing while swimming on their surfboards.  It didn’t take long for designers to figure out that it also made sense for these garments to be used for sun protection too.  Today, you can easily find rash vests made from special fabrics that have a high sun protection factor rating.

Today, surfers are not the only ones who enjoy wearing and using rash vests.  These garments are now very popular with those who are engaged in many different types of sports.  For example, wrestlers like to wear them so that their opponent will have a hard time grabbing onto them.  Rash vests are very easy to clean and dry quickly.

A source of confusion for some people is the difference between a rash vest for women and a tri suit for women.  This confusion is understandable since they both look so much alike.  A tri suit is a garment that is specially made for the triathlon event.  Before you purchase any rash vest, definitely try several on to ensure fit and comfort.