Saucony Progrid Ride 2 Running Shoes – A Review

The well-received Saucony Ride 2 running shoes have been tailor-made for runners with a neutral gait, though they can also be used effectively by supinators. The great cushioning is their strong point, though they lack support for the feet’s arch, a bane for overpronators. To compensate, one can purchase orthotic inserts that can be placed inside the shoe for a more comfortable ride with the Progrid Ride 2.

Usually, superb cushioning comes with a price: bulk and added weight. Not so with the Saucony Ride 2, which somehow still managed to be nimble and lightweight, making it a favorite among runners. Aside from comfort, these shoes are packed with several innovations for better form. ProGrid technology provides the cushioning while Respon-Tek takes care of the shock absorption. Impulse EVA midsoles take care of your feet during those grueling marathons. No matter how long you’ve been running, the upper mesh design will keep you cool while the sock-liners take care of the moisture and anti-microbial features. All these combined create a lovely ride that many people have come to adore.

The women’s version of the Saucony Progrid Ride 2, in particular, have gotten high praises from athletes who appreciate the wider toe box because it leaves some room for their feet to breathe. This is important as runners’ feet tend to swell when they run long distances, so the additional space ensures their toes will not be bunched up causing painful blisters, or worse. Online reviews of the Saucony Ride 2 have been very favorable in every respect, both for the women’s and men’s version of the shoes.

There is, however, an observation among male athletes that this iteration of Saucony shoes has a stiffer rubber sole compared to the original Ride model. This change has made them feel a bit uncomfortable, but it hasn’t decreased the Ride 2’s ability to absorb shocks, and in fact it improved the shoes’ performance compared to the first Saucony Ride. Compared to higher-priced models from brands such as Asics, these shoes provide a nice running experience and better overall value for your money.