Golf Iron Set as a Gift

Last week was kind of hectic for me. I had to find a gift for my Dad because it as his birthday and I had to make sure that it was something that he would really like. Last year I forgot about his birthday and I had to do a last minute shopping at a department store where I bought a tie for him. That was a bad choice since he hated wearing ties and suits but it even got worse when somehow his gift got mixed when I had it gift wrapped at the store.

So in the end my dad ended up with a music box. That would have been no big deal if I had a different Dad. It would have been enough to explain that there was a mix up somehow and all would have been forgiven and forgotten. But not with my Dad. Nope my Dad’s Mister Sensitive. That was something that he would always remember and he always made sure that I got reminded of the time that I gave him a music box.

So this year his birthday was really important for me. It was my chance to finally redeem myself. But I was at a complete loss as to what I was supposed to get for him. It has to be something that would make him forget about the fiasco with the gift that I bought last year. Then I remembered that he loves playing golf.

So, I thought, why not get new golf irons for him? I started checking out the available golf iron sets and picked one from Mizuno which I knew as one of the top manufacturer of golfing equipment in the country.

To cut the story short my Dad loved it and he totally forgot about the blunder that I committed last year and he uses the set that I got every time that he plays golf.