Where to find the best deals on 4 man tents

The 4 Man Tent is one step up in size from the 2 Man Tent. It typically has a footprint of 80 ft2 or better and at least 48’ of headroom. This is plenty of space for two average sized adults and all their gear. 4 man camping tents are ideal for the camper who still likes to maintain their mobility but needs a little bit more room.  You can purchase 4 man tents for as little as $50 but most high quality tents will cost about $300-$450. That does not mean that there are not deals to be had. The right and the right place can save you a lot of money.

There are great discounts to be had if you buy your tent off season. This goes for any camping gear.  Off season is in the middle of winter. No one is thinking about camping when there is two feet of snow on the ground. So, brick and mortar outdoor outfitters are overstocked with last season’s inventory. It’s the perfect time to pick up a great deal on a new tent. Tent technology is not like computers. Last season’s tent is still going to be a great tent, and buying last year’s model at the right time can save you between 20% and 40% if not more.

You’ve heard it before, but online is a great place to shop. You don’t have to waste an entire day and a tank of gas pricing out various tents all over town. You can go online and looks at three or four different retailers in a matter of fifteen minutes. This is where you can pick up some great deals on overstock tents. At the height of the season, you might still be able to save the same 20%-40% you saved offseason. Be careful to note how much you will be paying for shipping as this can quickly erase any apparent discounts you thought you had found.

A little planning can save a lot of money.  Buying anything last minute costs more. So if you know your old tent is on its last legs, start looking around and wait for just the right time to upgrade. Use the money you save to invest in a quality custom ground mat or new camp chairs, or you could always for gas on your next last minute camping trip.

Have fun in your new tent, and TAKE CARE OF IT!