Boys Waterproof Trousers

Golf is an interesting sport, where both playing and clothing play equally important roles. Many business circles consider golf as a great way to converse with clients or employees, so players will want to dress as nicely as possible. Some simple tips have been listed below for choosing golf clothing.


In humid and hot areas, it is very common to wear shorts while playing sports. However, it may not always be the best choice while playing golf. If you do wear shorts, make sure they are not gym pants or cut-offs, because it can negatively affect your appearance. Always wear shorts that go below the knees, otherwise it will be considered too casual for golfing. There are plenty of nice golfing shorts for sale at sports stores, although you will need to pay a little extra for them.

Long Pants

Playing golf can be messy, so waterproof trousers can help to protect your legs from slinging mud and dirt around while walking the golfing field. Girls and boys waterproof trousers will need to be made from high quality materials if you want to look good on the golfing field. Invest a little extra money so you can purchase from a premium brand made from quality fabrics.


Never wear socks that color clash with your other clothing choices. You should also avoid the boy scout look, with socks pulled up past your calf while wearing shorts. If you are wearing dark colored pants, wear similar colored socks so they don’t stand out.


Belts are an excellent golfing accessory if you are opting for the formal look. Any black or brown belt should suffice with a golfing set, as long as it is not broken or ripped. A hat will also provide good protection for your skin if you are playing in the midday heat.