Easy Up Tents For Camping

Camping sounds like a wonderful idea for those who have listened to others talk about how much of an adventure it is, and the feeling you get being in the great outdoors during the summer. One of the turnoffs that many people have with camping is planning and setting up all the equipment at the site, especially a tent. For those who would rather not spend a lot of time doing this, one alternative is to get an easy up tent. The following will discuss the advantages of using this tent and what you need to know when buying one.

An easy up tent has earned that title because it’s easy to set-up. The process of doing so involves only a few simple steps, such as unpacking it and letting it unfold until it’s done. Then you secure it into the ground with a few pegs and it’s ready to be used. Within 30 minutes at the most, you will have a tent that can be slept in. This is especially helpful if you arrived at the campsite late in the evening.

The time of year you most frequently go camping will determine what tent is best for you to purchase. For example, if you enjoy camping only in the summer, then the an easy up tent that has very lightweight material is probably best. However, if you may face the possibility of adverse weather conditions, then the material will have to be stronger and more durable. In this situation, a dome style tent is an option as they also can be assembled without much hassle. These types of tents are sometimes used by those who camp in the winter.

The size of the easy up tent you want is based on your needs. They have tents that are designed for only on person, and others that can comfortably fit a group of 4-5 people. This style of tent as you can tell has its benefits, and you will surely find one that has the characteristics you are looking for. For daytime fun at the beach, checkout a beach sun shade for protection from the sun and wind.