A Brief Synopsis on The SpringFree Trampoline

A trampoline is a jumping board which is made up of a strong fabric that is stretched across a metal or steel frame by the help of coiled springs. It also consists of a piece of taut fabric and is highly elastic in nature. Trampolines can be a bit of a nuisance if not used with proper protection. People who have home based trampolines seem to have reported the most hospital injuries in the recent years. Gymnasiums and other forums that provide trampoline activities have safety measures around the trampoline to avoid accidents.

To avoid such hazards the University of Canterbury in Christchurch has designed a springfree trampoline. The mechanical and engineering department has worked on the basic trampoline and created a springfree trampoline which has glass-reinforced plastic rods and not the steel spring coils to give elasticity. Another major difference that the new trampoline has over the traditional one is that it has an adjustable and flexible frame that can be lowered from the jumping point or stretched upper parts to give more protection. It can be lowered up to 450mm from the jumping point. It has a zip opening to enter and has a soft net all around its borders. The flexible soft frame is held by rods. This softness give you the added advantages of bending the trampoline anywhere and the soft rods decrease the hazards of having any hard edges which you are prone to hit while playing trampoline games for kids.

The best part about the spring free trampoline is that it claims to be the safest trampoline and provides a good amount of safety and protection. However there are certain disadvantages to making the choice too like it could damage your knees on a long term basis because of the mat underneath that has a rotating surface. Sometimes the rods can be a bit problematic too because children’s hands tend to get stuck in them. Installing the whole trampoline is a professional job that needs to be done with great skill otherwise there can be a lot of frustration and irritation later on. Otherwise the spring free trampoline is a great option to go for when out for buying trampolines and have children at home, whose safety is your first priority.