What To Look For In Beach Chairs

Beach chairs come in many different shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Chairs can be used to recline in for work on a suntan, to sit in while reading or watching the waves, or to relax low to the ground in, while the water splashes up around you.

Beach chairs are not just for the beach. These chairs can be used at swimming pools, in backyards, on patios or decks, and even inside the properly decorated home. Beach chairs are practical, comfortable and portable. They can be easily stored and transported, and it takes little more than a good rinse with a hose to clean them. This makes them very versatile pieces of furniture.

These must-haves come in plastic, wood, metal and vinyl varieties. The fabrics and finishes used on them are endless, and it seems there is a new popular style every time the season changes. Decorate the backyard with one color theme, or place many different colors around the garden. Choose a bright and noticeable color for the chair you take to the beach, so it is easily spotted when you take a walk or go slash around in the water for a while.

Beach chairs can be purchased in sporting goods stores, department stores, and even many discount stores. The can also be bought online, or even rented on the beach if you forget yours at home. If the store you’re shopping at doesn’t have beach chairs, a heavy duty camping chair might do the trick for you. They range in price from as little as $5 for a low sand chair to over $100 for a more complex, detailed seaside lounger.

Before making the investment, try out the seat to make sure it is comfortable, sturdy and fits your body type properly. Sit in it, move around in it and practice getting in and out of it. Think about what you will be using it for, and always ask for help if you have trouble deciding.