The La Sportiva Wildcat Trail Tunning Shoe

La Sportiva could trace its beginnings in a mountainous Italian region where a traditional cobbler made boots and wooden footwear for the local populace. For several decades he did his trade in the region and lumber jacks and ordinary people learned to trust him for his skill and craftsmanship. During the Second World War he was assigned to make mountain boots for troops and after that they started expanding their operation. The son of that bookmaker was the one who introduced the company to the European market. They started the La Sportiva brand and it quickly became well known for making shoes for outdoor sports.

In the beginning La Sportiva was known for making mountain and ski boots but today they have also branched out to making footwear for other outdoor activities. Trail running is just one of the many outdoor activities where La Sportiva shoes is leading the line .The La Sportiva Wildcat Trail Tunning Shoe is just one example of how good the company is in making high performance footwear that will meet the demands of the ground.

This shoe is perfect during late fall, spring, and the middle of winter. It can guide you through uneven trails that are wet and muddy. With the La Sportiva Wildcat Trail Tunning Shoe you are sure to have protection from water and your feet will be allowed to breathe and feel free at the same time all of this while you have a very stable running platform that allows you top performance even over unfamiliar grounds.

The La Sportiva Wildcat has an upper made from Airmesh and a water resistant film that is backed by a special membrane to ensure that moisture will be kept out. It has stabilizers that will ensure that you will retain some balance even if you are running on some of the most roughest ground there is. Finally it has a rubber outsole that is sticky and will ensure you will have a good traction even on the most slippery and treacherous trails that you can find. What is special about is that it has a break system that ensures you can stop at any moment that you like even if you are going at your top speed. You could get this amazing shoe online for $134.95 which makes it a real good deal.

There are other trail running shoes from La Sportiva like the Raptor. This trail running shoe is made for protection. Its upper is specially designed to handle al sorts of obstacles and objects that you might encounter out on the trail. Like the Wildcat it is also equipped with a sticky sole that can handle the changing conditions of an outdoor trail. The Raptor is more affordable than the Wildcat since you can get it online for only $94.95.

Whether you will be going for the Raptor or for the Wildcat you are certainly making the right decision when it comes to picking the right trail running shoe that will give you the best performance.