Salomon Running Shorts and Nike Running Tights

When it comes to execises, nothing can compare with running. We have yet to find another exercise that is as simple and yet as effective as running. It provides a very thorough cardio work out to the body. The best thing about it is that you need not undergo any special training in order to do it. Anyone can start running right away because it is simple and a second nature to humans. In order to get the most benefit out of running though you need to have the best equipment available. The running shorts that you wear would play an important role in your development as as runner. It should be lightweight and made of the best material. It should allow a freedom of movement for your legs. The running shoes that you pick should be great as well. These shoes should have a good grip on the ground and they ought to be breathable.To help out the novice runner we have compiled here some of the best running gear that you can get in the market today. These should give you a clear idea of what you need to look for in running clothes.

Salomon Running Shorts- XA Series V Short M. This is a very high quality technical running short. It is equipped with zipped pockets that would allow you to secure lightweight valuables while running. It has a reflective band that would keep you safe even if you are running in the dark. It has a built in underwear inside that can provide support and protection against chafing. Altogether this is a very high quality shorts that can aid in your performance in the field.

Salomon XR Shorts-These have along cut than other running shorts but that does not mean that you are losing your freedom of movement when you are wearing this. This is made from a lightweight fabric that can keep you comfortable and free for a long period of time.You can get this excellent running shorts for $85.

Salomon Exo Slab II Short- This short is as every bit as modern as it looks. Its skin tight design allows a freedom of movement that is difficult to achieve with any other running short. Its high waist band also provides support for the abdomen that can not be found in other running shorts.

Nike Filament 7″ Running Tights- More and more runners are preferring running tights over shorts. Although they have a skin tight fit they manage to wick away most of the moisture from the body’s sweat. It is also machine washable which is very convenient for a lot of runners who are very busy these days. Get this running tight from Nike for on $40.

Those are just some of the great running shorts and tights that are available n the market. When it comes to running shoes the brands that you ought to check out are New Balance and Saucony. They create high quality footwear that are trusted by runners from all over the world.