The Top 3 Trail Running Shoes for Under $100

Running is a great sport and an excellent exercise in one. Its prominence can be seen and felt by how people have taken to it as a sport that they can be competitive about and also as a work out that they can readily do. Anyone who has felt the competitive fire burn brightly within them can surely understand how every competitive runner feels. At the same time, people who want to improve their level of health and fitness can easily turn to running for results. And anyone can see that one of the reasons why people choose it is because it is enjoyable and challenging at the same time. It is fun and easy enough since it is based on a natural type of movement. The challenge comes from competing against others and in struggling to realize your goals.

Trail Running: A Different Road

There are many different kinds of running, but one that is proving to be quite popular especially these days is trail running. It is a kind of running that is quite different from the usual notion that we have about the activity, which you can consider as a sport or work out. One thing that you can be sure of is that it is different from track or road running, which is the kind of running that we are most familiar with. And it is not the thing that most easily comes into our minds when we think or talk of running. It usually takes place on hiking trails, single track rails that can really prove to be difficult to navigate or run on. In fact, the defining characteristic of trail running is that it is done on trails that are not easily accessible by ordinary roads. In fact, it can only be accessed at the head of each trail.

Trail running is also held on various types of terrain, which is a sure magnet for runners who love challenges. Who wouldn’t want to try how they can run on or through hills, forests, deserts, mountains, steep inclines, narrow passages. What an adventure it would be to even go through one of that type of terrain. And it wouldn’t even be running all the time, since there would also be some hiking or even some scrambling involved due to the extreme roughness of the terrain. An argument can legitimately be made that the rapid rise in trail running’s popularity can be explained by this roughness, this seeming favoring of the extreme. Another probable explanation is that it satisfies an innate need to be at one with nature, to roam and move about freely and without any feeling of restraint or any impediment at all.

What to Expect From Trail Running

Notwithstanding the growing popularity of trail running right now, runners still would like to know what they are going to get from it before they start running through forests and very steep inclines on mountains. But runners would be glad to know that one of the primary things that they would be getting from trail running has something to do with their health and safety. This is because trail running offers a smaller risk of injury than other forms of running. It is just not too difficult to see why this is true, with the usually soft and always changing running surface involved in the activity than in other runs. There is little chance of any overuse injury, and it also means an easier and more comfortable run than when the surface is asphalt or cement. The very important and useful core muscles are also strengthened through running on different types of terrain, presenting different looks and challenges to the core muscle group. Another thing that runners could get from doing trail running is a different kind of rush, just something that you can’t get experience from road running. The exhilaration of running through the woods, in the mountains is just too good not to have a lasting impression on any runner.

Trail Runner’s Equipment: Trail Running Shoes in the Lead

The beauty of trail running, with respect to its equipment, is that you only really need the barest essentials. This allows the trail runner to fully experience, to fully embrace the beauty and the challenge that is trail running. You don’t need any advanced equipment in order to get by in trail running; all you really need are the necessities to get it done properly.

Trail Running Shoes – Runners will need to use running shoes that are specifically designed for trail running, possessing aggressively knobby soles usually more rigid than road running shoes. It also provides more stability than other kinds of running shoes.

Clothes – Basically the same kind of clothing that are used for road running also works fine in trail running, so there should be no problem there.

Water Bottle – Probably just as important as the running shoes that runners use, since hydration is so important to running, and due to what awaits trail runners, this is a definite must.

Flashlight or headlamp – Trail running can be done even at night, and safely at that. There is no need to worry about cars or any other kinds of vehicles. All that the runner needs is an effective headlamp or flashlight. It is best to get the LED type flashlight or headlamp.

More about the Shoes: The 3 Best under $100

As stated earlier, the running shoes used by trail runners are specially designed. The shoes feature a mid sole that is usually of an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (ETA) compound that contains a flexible and lightweight nylon plastic layer that serves as protection of the feet from the sharp rocks and other objects that prove harmful to the feet of the runner.

All of these features of the trail running shoe are great, but it will also be helpful for many of the runners to find trail running shoes that very affordable. This means shoes that can be bought for less than $100.00. Now some might wonder if finding quality running shoes that costs that low or are that affordable is at all possible. Good thing for trail runners, there are indeed shoes that are available for that kind of price range that still offer a great deal of quality. Look at the following list of the top 3 trail running shoes that costs less than $100.00.

New Balance 101 – Very light on the budget and in how it weighs – at only 7.8 ounces for the men’s running shoes and 6 ounces for the women’s shoes, you certainly don’t get much lighter than that. It features a rock plate under the forefoot and a puncture resistant fabric toe wrap; the 101 should be the shoe of choice of those who do their trail running over smooth and groomed trails. Costs about $75.00.

Asics Gel Trail Attack 7 – The Asics Gel Trail Attack 7 offers ample cushioning for road runs and has the following features: upper with a double layer of mesh which helps lock the heel in place and provides a snug fit. It has a new lacing mechanism and is excellent for high speed stability. Sells for around $85.00.

Adidas Response Trail 18 – This trail running shoe from Adidas features soft cushioning and great stability, and the flexible forefoot allows for high degree of comfort and responsiveness even when going through rocky terrain. Good for both trails and roads, with downhill oriented lugs that make it ideal for hilly trails. Costs around $85.00.