Red Worms – Everything You Need To Know

I want to talk about red worms today and their many benefits. A book I highly recommend for any of you looking to compost with worms is called “Worms Ate My Garbage”. You can buy it from Amazon. Anyway, that little book that you see to the left is one helluva guide, and I thoroughly recommend it. And while you’re at Amazon, you might want to pick up the Worm Factory, which is a 3 tray worm composter which is big enough for most families needs but small enough that you can fit it in your kitchen even if you have an apartment.

Now red worms for composting are probably one of the best earthworms you can choose for home gardening and organic composting. Most of my composting that I do here on the farm is done thanks for red wigglers. The red wiggler composting worm is a type of earthworm (eisenia fetida) which also goes by the names of redworms, brandling worms and tiger worms. This fellas are large and of a more reddish color than the normal earthworms or the common earthworm. And unlike the common earthworm, these fellas are not found nor do they particularly appreciate soil for food. They are bred and thrive for vermiculture or composting.

So if you want to set up an indoor composter or even an outdoor composter if you live in a climate where it doesn’t go too much below freezing you need to get yourself some red worms for composting. Compost exudes heat as it rots so these red wigglers will survive cooler temperatures outdoors so long as it doesn’t dip greatly below freezing.

Surprisingly you can find red worms for sale at Amazon, now I haven’t actually bought any there as I have so many of my own, but the nice thing about when you buy red worms from them is that they give you customer reviews. So click here to buy red worms from Amazon. You’ll notice that there are over 25 5 star reviews for these red composting worms and you can buy 2 pounds worth for less than $20. That’s not a bad deal. And for most urban composters that should be enough to get you started for your needs. If you live out in the country you’ll need quite a bit more depending on the size of composter you need. As a rule of thumb, 2 pounds of worms will be able to compost about 1 pound of food scraps.

Hope this helps folks. Remember breeding red worms for composting or profit is doing your small part for the environment. Red worms are our friends and I hope that everyone ends up with a composting bin full of red wigglers whether you are a city dweller or enjoy country living. Composting is fun!