Using Runner Rugs Through the Hall

In recent years we have seen a gradual shift away from the use of carpet on the floors of the family home and a tendency to install a laminate floor or a hardwood floor. This seems to have something to do with a sense that the modern home is a place filled with shiny surfaces that can be wiped clean rather than vacuumed.

As a result of this transition we are also seeing the use of rugs as a means of defining different parts of the home. Runner rugs are included in this move with the hallway runner rug leading the way down the hall or up the stairs.

In order to give the polished floors as much protection as possible the placement of runner rugs is a good idea. The whole idea with putting these rugs down is as a means of protecting the floor in the areas that get a high level of traffic. They also help to quieten the footfall of those walking down the hall or through the rooms where they are laid. A wooden floor can be quite a noisy flooring surface with the echoing a potential problem for those sleeping off the hall.

It is common to find these rugs with tremendous detail and they become attractive decorative pieces that can be used to set off the walls or other objects in the room. Buying a lovely antique or Asian woollen runner rug would provide a little touch of luxury in the room although rugs made from wool will begin to wear more quickly.

High traffic areas are conducive to having a sisal runner rug placed on the floor, knowing that these rugs offer great durability and will also fit in with most decors. To ensure the rugs do not slip and slide around it is possible to buy a rubber backed runner rug although there are other ways the rug can be anchored to the floor.

Runner rugs are available in a huge range of colours, sizes and patterns and there is sure to be one that will suit your design style.