The Belkin Travel Surge Protector: Stopping Power Surges Wherever You Are

The Belkin Company manufactures the varied line of environmentally friendly surge protectors, known for their high quality construction and excellent safety record. Never one to rest on past achievements, Belkin recently introduced the Belkin travel surge protector, designed specifically for those needing advanced protection while traveling with their computers. If you frequently travel to areas without reliable power, you will need a trustworthy device that can be trusted to guard against potentially harmful electrical spikes and surges.

The Belkin travel surge protector voltage is specifically designed for countries utilizing voltages ranging from 100VAC to 240VAC. This greatly expands the number geographic locations available, as most competing units are only designed to provide protection at120VAC, which is the standard for US devices. One outstanding feature of the Belkin notebook travel surge protector is its reduced size, on average up to 25% smaller when compared with competing surge protection devices. Due to this reduction in both size and weight, it is now easy to simply store inside a backpack or laptop bag. The Belkin 2 outline travel surge protector also includes built in protection for phone lines or modems. Most current PCs and notebooks that are produced today use the two-pronged C8 connector included on this model.

If you are familiar with power surging, you are probably aware of the potential damage this can cause your valuable equipment. Not merely limited to external sources, simply flipping a home appliance on can also result in a power surge. Proper protection is necessary to guard against these constant fluctuations in power that can result in imbalances that generally cause mayhem for electrical circuits. Although a power surge it is certainly capable of rendering your equipment instantly interoperable, some damage may only be noticed after a prolonged period, sometimes over a span of days even weeks. In areas where these fluctuations are common, a reliable surge protector is essential. Although slightly more expensive than a common extension cord, replacing a laptop damaged by unreliable power will cost substantially more.