Make Money Blogging: Is It Worth The Effort?

I have my coaching clients ask me all the time, “Is putting up a blog worth my time and effort?”  I usually answer them a strong and resounding yes, because I strongly believe that all on line marketers need some on line real estate.  A lot of these people do not really understand what that means, so I just try to compare it to having a store in the brick and mortar world.  If you don’t have a store, it is hard to have a business.  It is not impossible, but is more difficult. The same goes for an on line business.  If you don’t have a website under your control, you are going to have a business that is not going to grow very large.
I will cover a few reasons why I think having your own blog is a very smart thing to do:

1.  You Control Your Content — People ask me every day, “Can you make money blogging?”.  The answer is yes.  It becomes a lot easier to do when you control your own content.  If you are going to get any standing on the search engines, you need to get up your own unique content.  It is very easy to do this with your own blog.  It is almost impossible to this without one.

2.  You Can Change Your Direction — Once you learn how to make money from blogging, you will have the ability to expand or move to other niches.   You will be very much in control of your own destiny.  Learning how to get your own blog up and running is a life skill.  You will be able to use it the rest of your life.  You have much more control of what you work on, and most importantly, you are not “married” to a company or a product line.  This allows you to have a strong future, and you can make adjustments to your business as you see fit.

3.  You Can Brand You, Not Your Company — This is a huge factor and should not be underestimated.  You need to get your name out on the internet and develp a strong, postive reputation.  If you do not have your own blog that you have full contol over, you are helping work on the Company brand, not your own.  If you choose to leave the company, or the company fails you are out of luck.  You want to take care of branding “you” right off the bat in your internet marketing career.  If you do not take care of yourself, nobody else is going to do it.

If you want to make money blogging, you are going to have to learn how to get your own website up and running. It is a necessity for long term survival on line.  It is in your best interest financially to make this happen as soon as is humanly possible.  You will be very happy you took this step when your income starts to grow over the coming months.