How Much Garden Soil Do I Need?

I started gardening last year. It was a hobby that I picked from a good friend of mine. I saw the garden that he has at his place and I wanted the same thing. It was so full of blooming and great looking plants that it is definitely worth taking a look. When he comes from work he goes straight to his garden and starts working there. We did notice that ever since he started working on that garden of his he started to look younger and fresher. There is definitely a positive effect if you ask me. So I wanted to have the same experience as he has and that is why I started gardening too. I wanted to get the same benefits and the same enjoyment that my friend was getting. There were certain problems that I have encountered when I was starting out and in order to help out others I am listing down here some of the problems that I have encountered:

How Much Garden Soil Do I Need– The soil around my place was not very suitable for gardening. I only found out about that after I have been trying to grow stuff for months and there was very little results to show. I thought I was doing something wrong until my friend told me that the problem was the soil. It was not rich enough and so the plants are not getting the right dose of nutrients that they need. The solution was for me to get some garden soil and use that on my garden so that the plants there are going to have something to cling on to. I was advised that I have to use a raised bed where I have to put an enclosure and then fill it with garden soil. Because I am going to use a raised bed it is easy enough to calculate for the amount of soil that I need to get, but that need to be mixed as well with other materials first.

Composition of the Soil for the Garden– I have been told that the best formula for the garden soil mixture is to use 10% vermiculite, 30% compost and the remaining 60% should be the garden soil. That kind of composition for the garden is going to provide the optimum growing conditions for the plants.

Adequate Drainage and Maintenance– Another problem that I had on my garden initially was the fact that the drainage there was not very ideal. The water tended to stay on the surface longer than what was needed. That is the reason why when I started my raised bed garden I had to make sure that it would have ample provisions in order to ensure that the water is not going to accumulate. It was quite easy enough to do that and so you have to remember that as well when you are making your own raised bed garden. Some plants are very sensitive when it comes to having too much water.