Silver Foil Business Cards

Have that edge!  Stand out!  Not all the companies and its business representatives can come close to your silver foil business cards.  Keep that lead and stand out even further with silver foil stamping on double sided business cards.

You can customize or personalize it with your own company logo, company photo, or your personal graphic design.  You can even use a pre-designed pattern.

Why go for silver when there’s gold?  Silver has for so long been assessed as a precious metal.  Popular items created from silver are currency coins, plating for cutlery, jewelry, other fashion accessories, decoration and not to forget, silverware.

Consider the impact your silver foil on double sided business cards will make if you are in the business of manufacturing, distributing or selling any or all of the items mentioned above.  It is a very good way of setting you apart from the rest of the competition.

Go the extra mile by choosing silky smooth lamination.  The smooth finish of silk lamination combined with the silver foil stamping creates a striking contrast making your company logo really stand out, leaving a lasting and unforgettable impression.  You might even want to try changing the print to silver white and the background to black for a different and high impact effect.  Go further with a water and tear resistant card stock gaining for a long lasting business card.

Double sided business cards create double the impact. Remember the silver white print on a black background? With the double sided business card, you have the chance to have the reverse combination on the other side of the business card.  It provides an opportunity to add other equally important details about you and the company you represent.  Customization is also crucial in achieving that memorable impression you and your company would like to create and leave in your customers’ minds.