Pink Digital Cameras: The Real Deal

If you’re planning on purchasing a pink digital camera then you’re in luck as there has never been a better time to buy. The prices for digital cameras have reduced dramatically; in fact, you can now purchase a full featured camera for only $150.00, which is a huge departure when you consider some of the bulky cameras of the past. Another great reason to buy is that there is a huge selection of cameras to choose from and they come in a variety of sizes, colors, features, and shapes. Of course, your choices don’t have to be limited to just a few select models. The fact is that pink digital cameras have become extremely popular over the past several years due to the consumer’s desire to express themselves with their personal electronic devices.

Some people tend to dismiss pink cameras, referring to them as toys rather than serious photographic tools. For whatever reason they seem to think that pink cameras are of a lesser quality than black or silver cameras. Listed below are some common myths associated with the pink camera –

1.    Pink Cameras Lack Features – The truth is that pink cameras have the same features as any other camera. Most cameras come complete with features such as high resolution, facial recognition, and image stabilization. Imagine – all this for just $150.00!

2.    Pink Cameras Lack Performance – There isn’t a bit of truth to this myth. In fact, the only difference between pink or black cameras is the color. Pink cameras are simply colored versions of black or silver ones. For instance, the Canon Powershot SD1200IS comes in either pink or black. In regards to their performance, both cameras function identically.

3.    Lack of Choices – You will not have a problem picking out a pink camera because almost all the top brands and manufacturers carry at least one pink camera in their lineup.

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