The versatility of futon beds

Many people are faced with the dilemma of not having enough space in their bedrooms for a full sized bed as well as other furniture pieces like sofas or chairs. This is especially true in children’s bedrooms as well as students rooms. This problem can be solved with the use of a futon bed. These furniture pieces have their origin in Japan centuries ago, and since then have became very popular as a duel use piece of furniture.

Futon beds can be converted into a couch when not in use as a bed. This makes it easy to save floor space, and even add other furniture pieces to the room. For children’s bedrooms as well as students who normally stay in a small room the futon bed can be a real lifesaver because you get a couch and bed in one, and you do not have to make due with only one of these furniture pieces.

Futon beds are manufactured out of different materials including metals as well as wood with the wooden versions the most popular. Futon beds also do not use regular mattresses, and use a padded mattress that is a bit thinner than a normal mattress. This mattress also serves as the padding for when the futon is used as a couch. These beds are also a bit lower than regular beds.

You get different kinds of futon beds including regular futon beds as well as futon bunk beds. Futon bunk beds are a very interesting version with the bottom bunk bed that can be converted into a couch. Some students who use these beds leave the bottom bunk bed permanently converted into a couch, and use the top bunk bed for sleeping.

You also get futon beds in all the regular bed sizes ranging from single to king size. If you have the need for a practical duel use furniture piece then is sure to consider a futon bed. These beds will add value to any home and you will surely not be disappointed with your purchase.