The Fact: Why Use Joomla?

If you are a web developer and you are going to ask me what website software is the best for whatever purpose it may serve you, I would definitely answer use Joomla. “Why use Joomla?” you may ask. Well, the answers are simple: simplicity and functionality.
Don’t get me wrong here. The term “simplicity” does not mean dull. In fact, with Joomla, you can expound the designs of your webpage and templates. Simplicity means that the whole system is user-friendly and easy to manage. Also, functionality means with one website software like Joomla, you can maximize many site developing opportunities that will definitely make your own webpage interesting, entertaining, and personalized.
Let me expound of this.

Joomla is one of the leading open-source web solution and content management system. Open source means no licensing fees, so this will save you a lot of time, pressure, and money. In fact, Joomla can be downloaded for free! Now, when we say content management system, this means that the HTML used for the pages is produced by scripts run from the host server, as desired. The convenience is, there are no multiple HTML pages on the host server. The design and content management, which is stored in the database through text format, of a website run by Joomla are separated from each other, thus enabling an easy continuous flow of creating and managing contents faster. The idea is to manage a particular content, like text documents, without disrupting the other contents, like photos, videos, etc.

Joomla has different versions already, and the latest version is the Joomla 1.6, which promises enhanced content management features the other version doesn’t have. With Joomla, one can create personal (blog) or family homepages, corporate websites or portals, corporate intranets and extranets, online magazines, newspapers, and publications, e-commerce and online reservations, government applications, school and church websites, small business websites, non-profit and organizational websites, and community-based portals.

Did you know that a number of big and credible companies use Joomla already? Some of these companies or institutions are Harvard University, MTV Networks Quizilla, Citibank, IHOP, the magazine Outdoor Photographer, and many more.

For small and still expanding online article-writing businesses, Joomla allows easy and effective search engine optimization.

You might think that developing a website on your own is very complicated. Yes, it tends be, but only if there is no proper documentation and instruction. With Joomla, you can have access to the user’s guide manual, where you can read all useful step-by-step instructions on how to begin your Joomla journey. And so, visit their website now to learn more.