Qualities of a Steury Houseboat

Normally a Steury Houseboat is categorized as a small houseboat, one that is trailerable. That can be misleading, because some people might suppose that it really is quite small and that it may be a little cramped on board one. But once you have been on board a Steury Houseboat, you can say that it is quite spacious and has good use of space. It has a big boat feel to it. It can accommodate several people. It does not matter if you have guests who are going to stay overnight, or they will be joining your for a cruise, a Steury Houseboat can accommodate all of them.

Although considered by some people to be outdated, houseboats from Steury are amazingly well suited for quick fishing trips and weekend escapes on a lake. The original company that made these boats was known for their trailers and houseboats. The company was bought by Chris Craft. The vessels that are known as Steury Houseboats today were originally manufactured in the 70s and the early part of the 1980s. The company stopped production soon after that. This means that it is relatively hard to find a boat of this type in good working condition that is for sale in the market. If you can though, it is really worth it to get one of these vessels, and if you happen to chance on one that is still in good working order then you should consider going for it.

The Steury Houseboat was manufactured using fiberglass for its tri-hull type of construction. With an 8 foot beam and 23 feet length, it might sound like a very small craft, but you have to be on board one to get the real feel for this vessel. The secret of the spacing of this boat is the dual-level deck. It increases the space by almost two-fold. The pilothouse has a unique design that gives the boat a distinctive profile. The great advantage with having a small boat is that it can be transported by trail. Moving it from one lake to another is so easy that you can enjoy all the great bodies of water near, or far from your place.

When it comes to the amenities, you might have to spend a little more to get everything updated to current standards. As we have mentioned these boats were originally made in the 70s, so the tools and other accessories that have been built in to them need a lot of sprucing up. Be sure to list that down as a factor when you are planning on buying a boat of this type. The normal engine on these vessels could give you an average speed of up to 6 knots. If you like your boats to go faster then you might have to change the engine altogether. With an updated engine a Steury Houseboat can go up to 25 knots.

One final reminder, if you are considering buying a Steury Houseboat, be sure to have a Marine Survey done of the boat. You don’t want to lose your money by buying a piece of junk do you?