Top Running Gear for Women – 3 of the Must Have Items for Serious Runners Whether Pro or Enthusiast

Running is one of the fastest growing sports and activities today. Each year more people are getting into it as a means of getting some form of exercise and also as a means of relaxation. Like any other sport activity the amount of fun and benefit that we can derive out of running is dependent on the kind of equipment that we use for it. If you start with low quality running gear then you should not expect too much fun or enjoyment from the activity, because your performance will definitely be affected by the quality of the running gear that you will be using.

For the ladies out there who would like to have a shot at a great running experience, here is some of the top running gear for women:

Nike Air Pegasus

Nike is the leading sports apparel maker in the whole world and they have built up a reputation for producing high quality products and running gear with good reason. The Nike Air Pegasus is loaded with specialized features and comfort that makes it a top choice when it comes to running shoes. This shoe features a glove like fit on the feet and it uses extra cushions on the heel. You can buy a pair of these shoes from Nike for about $90.

Brooks Equilibrium Racerback

Brooks is another name when it comes to sports apparel that has a long history. It is one of those brands that you can absolutely trust to provide you with a high quality product. When it comes to running tops they have come up with the best product for running in hot weather. This is the Equilibrium Racerback. This running top is made out of the most lightweight fabric in the inventory that Brooks has access to. It has a highly flattering shape and a nice fit with enough protection and coverage without having to feel ant additional weight from it. You can buy this great running top from Brooks for about $35.

Ladies’ Timex Ironman Watch

Some people might not consider the running watch to be an essential piece of equipment for a runner, but that kind of view is fast becoming obsolete as more and more people are coming to realize the value of having a good timepiece that can enhance their performance out in the field. Timex is long considered to be one of the leaders in the field of running watches. The Ladies’ Timex Ironman Watch is equipped with all the right features that can take your running to the next level. It has a 50 lap memory which is more than enough even for the toughest athlete, training logs, running formats, and a whole lot of other running features that really makes this the ideal timepiece for the female runner. Partnered with the easy to wear strap, this is the kind of watch that you will never get tired of wearing. You can buy this inexpensive running watch for about $60.

These are just three of the best pieces of running gear for women that you can get today. These are all marked by high quality and are made by the best brands.