Cheap Car Auctions: How to Spot the Cheapest Cars

When you need a really cheap car, there usually are not very many options, so many buyers turn to cheap car auctions. Used car dealers mark their cars up to make a profit, so they have few if any really inexpensive ones. You can find some looking at private-party sales, but it can be time-consuming going to several places to check them out only to discover they really don’t work or they are missing parts.

At an auction, there are plenty of cars that will have low starting bids and will stay low if there are few bidders to make the price go up. It will be pretty clear as the bidding starts and there isn’t much interest that the car is going to go for less money. But you want to make sure that you have already inspected that car and know whether it is something you want.

Keep in mind the following hints on spotting those cars before the bidding starts. Starting bids can be a good indication of eventual price, but not always. Sometimes the bids are put intentionally low to create more interest and get more bidders involved so the price ends up going higher than it normally would. Still, if you want to get a really good deal, a high starting bid makes that challenging.

Similar to starting bids, unique cars can go either way. Sometimes a one-of-kind car will attract a lot of attention and sell for much more. Several similar fleet cars or cars just off of lease will often go for less because there are so many available. As bidders get as many as they want or wait to see if later ones will be even cheaper, there can be less competition and lower prices.

But a really odd car or strange paint job can also be unpopular and mean you can get a car that runs great with nice features for a lot less. Older cars are generally cheaper. If you’ve done your research beforehand, you can find out which old cars still have a lot of life left in them. Some of them were better built and will last longer than there newer counterparts.

In general, when looking for which cars will likely be cheapest, try to pay attention to how many people are inspecting them during the preview. If here aren’t very many around, then there will probably be less people interested in bidding during the auction. This can give you a heads up as to which cars may turn out to be the best deals.  If you are looking for more information on repo car sales, you can sure find alot of it online.