Hitting the iphone app jackpot

Even with the rapid recent growth of the Android phone, the iPhone is still the 500 pound gorilla in the room – with hundreds of millions of iPhones currently in use, there is no denying the potential that iPhone apps have. These millions of iPhone users don’t only use their smart phones to make phone calls – one of the biggest benefits (and features) is the sheer number of fantastic apps available in the iTunes store. Consequently, this represents a HUGE potential for sales and profits in iphone app development.

There are so many variables that are a part of iphone app development that, very much like the slot machine, it is NOT random!

Having a great idea is just a small part of the process, and there are many other variables that must be considered before an app is live and claiming the shares of the millions of dollars available in the iTunes store.

Some very important things to consider include:

  • the category the app should go in
  • the keywords used to search for the app in the iTunes store
  • the overall feel and layout of the app
  • the method of actually creating or programming the app
  • the price of the app in the iTunes store
  • the methods used to market the app
  • and so much more!

When looked at individually, each of these things don’t seem like they are that overwhelming, and, when done in the proper sequence and with the proper plan, they definitely are NOT too overwhelming.  But, just like anything else, the more systematically and carefully planned your approach is, the more rewarding the end results can possibly be.

And just what are those results?  What is this iPhone app jackpot I am referencing?  Well, just to make a simple example, say that there are 100 million iPhones in use today, which there easily are.    If the annual sales of your iPhone app are just one half of one percent of the total market volume, you would sell 500,000 apps in one year!  If your app is priced at $0.99, your take home gross annual sales for this one app would be $350,000.  That’s not a bad jackpot, considering that you can in many cases control the destiny of your own iPhone app!