Best Joomla Template Creator

A few months ago, one of my colleagues ventured on his personal online store business. After selecting the best platform which is the Joomla, he struggled to find the best template creator that will provide him with high-quality user-friendly layout and design features. Since he is not really a techie guy, he asked for help from me and my other colleagues to help him establish his website. After all the searching and trial and error, now, his business is doing really well and he doesn’t have to sacrifice much of his day job and leisure time to work on his website because the software he is using makes it all convenient for him.

I thought maybe some of you may have the same dilemma as him, so today, I will share with you the best Joomla template creator software which we found out and brought success to my colleague’s business. You might find this software useful, too.

When looking for a template creator, you must keep in mind two important things: easy to utilize and fully functional. For those using the content management system Joomla in starting up their website, the best template creator there is, is the Artisteer. Being the first automated web designer, Artisteer has over fifty unique templates and blog themes and they support Joomla!

The following are the amazing features of Artisteer: interesting cool web designs, templates, and themes, export availability for Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, DotNetNuke, and WordPress, and user-friendly interface which is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Even without knowledge of Photoshop, CSS, or HTML, you can be an expert web designer using the Artisteer.

Artisteer does not come for free, but you will truly get what you paid for. There are two editions: Home and Academic Edition, which costs $49.95, and the Standard Edition, which costs $129.95. Access first your web design demands for you to identify which edition you will utilize. The Home and Academic edition allows free upgrades for 1 year, design suggestion and features, export as XHTML+CSS, export as WordPress theme, and export as Blogger template. But, the Standard Edition has more features like export as Joomla 1.5 or 1.6, Drupal 5/6/7, DotNetNuke 4.9+Skin template, export as ASP/NET application, export to CodeCharge Studio, custom value dialogs or screenshots, a library of textures, glares, and gradients, and a number of font and color schemes. Whatever edition you purchase, you will be provided with an Artisteer user manual, so you will not be at a lost.