The Third Type Of Resume: Ideal For Job Hunters

Jobfox scam articles will tell you that there are practically hundreds of different resumes for you to choose from. Getting a feel of the Jobfox experience will allow you to categorize the resume into three major categories – the chronological resume, the functional resume and a combination of both. It can be quite difficult to tell which one would be right for you. Read on to find out what you should use and what format should help you in your ultimate job search!

Chronological Resume: The chronological resume can also be divided into two kinds. The first one would be in ther order of experience, meaning the most current job that you have will be on the first page. Others have done it in a reverse chronological format. This kind aims to effectively summarize your previous work experience, educational background as well as your skills and competencies. This is typically used by those who have been working continuously for many years. It is easy for the recruiter to look at the range of dates and determine the length of experience in each company.

Functional Resume: The functional resume focuses more on specific skill competencies rather than the length of time or experience in a specific type of job. This is also used by those who would like to highlight specific skills in a new field or industry. If you have worked in the communication industry for several years and you want to try moving to a different career, you should be able to emphasize on specific skillsets that will be applicable to your desired job. Job hunters with not much experience may also opt to use the functional kind of resume.

While both may be effective, it may also be good for you to try a combination of both kinds. If you have substantial work experience and specific competencies that will help you land the job, you want to be able to seal the deal by creating a powerful resume that will highlight both. Use the third kind of resume and you will be amazed at the results!