Six Tidbits of Black Leather Purses

For the longest time, we have seen black leather purses gracing social and casual events alike. Shops sell a good number of them despite the changing fashion trends, and they may be sold from dirt cheap to a king’s ransom, depending on the brand and quality. For your pleasure, here are some tidbits about black leather purses.


Before the word purse was dubbed into these small wonders, black leather purses or anything of this kind were just referred to as handbags. As early as the 1300’s, they were used not by women in fashion, but by men who sported it and eventually carried them around for their supply of flint during hunting activities.

When Ladies Used Them

Another century would have passed before women started using them for their own purposes. And even so, these small handbags would be used for social status. The more colorful and well garbed your bag was with ornaments and jewels, the higher your status was. In this sense, a black leather purse was seldom used unless it was adorned with gems and other precious ornaments.

Matchmaking Beginnings

A couple of centuries passed before women started using handbags with fashion sense in mind. They found out that matching the color of shoes with the purses looked great if done correctly. This trend started the shift to using any black leather purse because of its versatility with any shoe color.


After the end of World War I, the status of women being included in the labor force, politics, and generally a higher form of social responsibility prompted bag companies to produce these purses in bigger quantities to accessorize women. The symbol of purses shifted from social status to an image of independence.

Name Calling

The term handbag was a generic term mainly used by men carrying small briefcases. “Purses” was an offshoot from the same term and was christened for ladies’ use. Whereas briefcases carried an assortment of male gadgets and things, purses carried perfume, makeup, and other lady essentials.

Staggering Cost

As of present, the most expensive black leather purse is made from crocodile leather. The black Fendi bag fetches about $27,700.

Who knew that purses were technically started by men?