The Novak Djokovic Shoes, Racquet, and Diet: Equipment of a Champion Tennis Player

Novak Djokovic is the undisputed best tennis player in the world today.  He stands atop the ATP men’s tour rankings miles above everyone else.  After having completed the majority of the 2011 season by absolutely dominating everyone in his path, it is interesting to look back and see how he has achieved these fantastic results.  It was only a few years ago that the Serbian player was struggling to stay competitive with the other top players.  What is the drastic change in his game that has led to such incredible results lately?

The Novak Djokovic Equipment

Back in 2009 Djokovic made a largely controversial switch to a new stick.  The Novak Djokovic racquet is now produced and sponsored by Head, a company with a long tradition in tennis equipment.  It wasn’t the choice of racquet that raised the eyebrows of the critics, but the timing at which it occured.  The switch was made during the very start of the season at the first major tournament, where Djokovic was to defend his first grand slam title victory.  

Tennis players can attest that any tiny change in their equipment can absolutely change everything about their game.  As it turned out, the switch didn’t work out for Djokovic and he was unable to defend his title.  He struggled for a while, but it seems like all he needed was ample time to work with and get used to his new frame.  There is nothing wrong with his game at this point and no one on the ATP tour will make any argument about that.

Djokovic has a unique game that relies heavily on his incredible flexibility.  He can be seen sliding around the hard courts as if he’s trying to do an imitation of playing on Spanish clay.  The way he moves around the court requires a great pair of shoes that can stand the test of the court as well as the great demand that he puts on them.  The Novak Djokovic shoes come from the Adidas Barricade line.  These shoes are known for their incredible durability and support.  Support is exactly what a player like Djokovic needs to supplement his incredible movement and flexibility.

The Djokovic Diet

Probably the biggest recent change the Serbian has made to his game involves a secretive gluten-free diet.  Although the diet may be a step in the right direction, it isn’t as if it is solely responsible for all of this new found success.  Djokovic has always been an incredible talent, but this new commitment to a diet shows something new.  He is not the same arrogant youngster of the past, he is recomitting himself to the game of tennis.  

When a player of this caliber makes the conscious decision to become a consummate professional, these are the type of results that can be achieved.  Djokovic’s new outlook and incredible success can be an inspiration to anyone that is suffering through a tough struggle.  Put everything you can into your personal goal and never give up.  There is absolutely no substitute for courage, dedication, and hard work.