How to Use Joomla – A Beginning

Hey guys, this first post is going to be about some basics on how to use Joomla. For those of you who are new to Joomla, I’m going to spend some time giving you the 411 on what it is. Joomla is basically a Content Management System. WordPress is also a CMS but it works differently. Basically as the name says, a CMS just helps you organize content. So any web design software program that you use to create and manage content is a CMS.

Joomla though, like all CMS is different. That’s why when learning any CMS and especially when learning Joomla, you need to spend a little bit of time getting familiar with it. It’s not hard, it’s just different. And it’s not gonna take you weeks to learn, especially if you get yourself a copy of the program that I recommend. But more on that later.

Most people look at websites as being static, ‘cos most of them are. So if you look at websites as being static then you could say they are like a tree. They grow from one main trunk (like a home page) and then branch out from there. About Me pages, Grannies Birthday page and maybe My Christmas Holiday page etc. But all of these pages once up, just stay like that without much changing or editing. Blogs are different of course.

And Joomla is way different too. With Joomla sites, you can’t tell what the page will look like without publishing it first, so you have to have an idea of what you want ahead of time. Similar to WordPress. You’ll have an idea of what your WordPress page will look like, but you won’t know for certain until you publish it.

Joomla software is different, if you want to know how to use Joomla properly it’s best to think of it like building blocks. You know those building blocks that baby’s use. The ones with the letters. So if you take those blocks and want to spell “baby” then you need 4 blocks right, two blocks with the letter “b” on it and one block each or “a” and “y”.

To learn how to use Joomla, think of each page as being a word. It’s made up of a bunch of Joomla blocks including Joomla plugins and stuff like that.

The next post on how to use Joomla will give you some more tips. Joomla is great, trust me. You just need to give yourself some time in learning it.