Storing your promotional items is a crucial part of the promotions work

After a long time of debating, and brainstorming, you have finally managed to make a choice regarding the promotional products you will use in your marketing campaign, and have also placed the order. You may think that the hard work is done, but there is another important aspect you should not overlook, which is the place where you will store all your promotional items. Since you cannot leave several large boxes in your office for an undefined number of years, you have to do something about it.

Think about how much space you will need, and if it possible, find out the approximate weight and dimensions of your products. If they are extremely heavy, shelving is not your best option. Even if you have heavy duty shelving, remember that you will have to lift the heavy boxes up and down each time you need an item, so using the floor simply makes more sense. Next, think about whether the items are easy to break. Mugs, for instance, will have to be stored in a different way than plastic cups or pens. Do not forget to level all the fragile boxes accordingly so that they are not thrown around by accident by a new employee.

You are recommended to open each box after getting them and count the items within, to make sure you were shipped the right number. Of course, this is not possible with all kinds of promotional items, such as if you have just received tens of thousands of pencils. You can however make an estimate and somehow check if they have been shipped in the appropriate amount. Keep in mind that this is an essential part of the promotions work you were assigned to.

Many promotional items will be just fine if stored in a cellar, attic or garage, but if you live in an area where the summer days are very hot, keep in mind that some plastic items may melt. Others can crack or expand if exposed to changing temperatures, so you should find out whether the items are sensitive to certain temperatures. Moreover, if you are planning to store the items for a long time, as you will not use all of them in one shot, make sure you devote a specific space to them that you will not need afterwards.

Last but not least, you should be concerned if you have by any chance ordered anything edible that might expire, such as customized candy or filled mint tins. They will expire at some point, so make sure to clearly mark each box with a throw-out date. If you do not do so, you can end up with a lot of ill people, and then with a couple of lawsuits on your hands. Be sure to take care of all the things discussed in this article, and do some planning even before the boxes arrive. Not many people think the storing process ahead, but it is actually pretty important, as your sales and profit depend on your promotional items.