Extreme Houseboats Ideas

The idea of houseboats first came through in the 1950s and since then it has grown to become a hobby with a steady following. Today there are different kinds of houseboats that are available. If you would like to have your own ideas to be followed in the creation of your houseboat then you can do just that. You can have your house boat plans drawn up according to your own specifications.

If you are someone who likes to have originality in everything that you do or own then you might choose to have some extreme houseboats ideas to be used for your very own houseboat. It will make your houseboat more fun and exciting. It will also make it more unique and creative.

One cool extreme idea that you can use for your houseboat is to go green. You can use solar power for your houseboat. This way you can have a power supply that is not dependent on any bulky and inconvenient generator and help the environment at the same time. With solar panels and systems that have been developed recently going green and solar will never be a problem. About five solar panels would be enough to supply electricity to a regular number of appliances which would include a fridge, a TV, a satellite system, a computer, pumps, lights, and a sound system. With that kind of system you would be completely free from shore power. All you need to worry about then is fuel for the engine when you want to go places. Using solar panel for all of your electrical needs would save you money in the long run. Don’t do it halfway. If you will be going solar on some of your appliances then why not go solar with all of them? It would be a lot more convenient for you if you do it that way.

Another extreme houseboat idea that would wok well in cold places is to have a wood burning stove aboard a houseboat. This would work better in places where wood for fuel is abundant. Whenever the temperature goes down all you have to do is to fire up the stove to heat up the place. This would allow you to save some money while you get the proper heating for your boat. You might have to do some little renovation first to ensure that it will be safe to use a wood burning stove aboard your boat and that the fumes would be properly vented out away from your living quarters.

Some of the other extreme ideas in house boating would have something to do with the way the boat looks. Making some daring designs and changes would work well on paper while it is being imagined but once it is put to the test on the actual building of the boat it might prove to be not so easy. You have to be careful therefore in coming up with some ideas for your house boat and make sure an expert will see it first and tell you whether it will work or not.