Choosing Salon Logos

Choosing a logo for your salon is crucial and a decision not to be taken lightly. That logo is the symbol that will represent your business. It must convey a strong sense of the salon’s identity and by association, the owner’s. Hair salon names also have a large impact on how the logo looks, as the two should be two facets of the same thing.

First one should consider the demographic of clientele targeted. Playful or fanciful hair salon logos work very well for economy hair salons. It perpetuates the idea of lightness, and therefore affordability. Potential customers see an image that reassures them they can expect fair prices, but a nice environment. Think cute images of ladies with sassy hair cuts and perhaps short, pretty nails. Maybe a colorful representation of woman’s face, done a bit art deco. Trade tools like scissors and combs also work well.

Middle priced salons that provide a few more indulgent services need to create a bit of a more streamlined image to convey a sense of affordable luxury. Clientes who seek out these salons have a bit more disposible income to spend. However, they are rarely irresponsible. They arrived at this more financially comfortable place in their life by being reckless in spending. So, a logo that looks a bit more sophisticated, you still appealing will attract the proper customers. Sticking to something perhaps like a profile with only the eye showing color, or maybe done in a metallic finish to catch attention.

For high-end luxury salons, keep logos very simple. It’s probably a better idea to stick with elements such as salon name initials, a symbol created by owner or qualified artist. In this case the prices paid by customers warrant the investment of hiring a designer to provide a logo that brings in the proper customers. Having a pro make a distinct logo is a sound investment in this type of salon.

With any logo keep in mind it must function just as well on business cards as a sign or advertisement. A logo that does not translate well in all forms needed will ultimately not function well in the role it serves.