Successful Entrepreneur 101

Many people have the dream of being a successful entrepreneur.  Many people know in their hearts being a success if their destiny.  Many people want to get there.  That is the dream but, here is the reality.  Many people settle.  Many people give up.  Many people are told that they can’t.  Many people are told that is not for them.  Many dreams drift away with the wind.

This article is written by an entrepreneur that is giving all he can to be a successful entrepreneur.  He has worked for years to make this work for him.  He has hit success and then after than hit an all time low.  But he has perseverance and will make it happen.  Along the way he has met many successful entrepreneurs that have guided him.  To them he asked one question.  “What is the one thing that has made you successful?”  Their answers are here.

‘Your Why’

You must have a burning desire inside of you to go  after what you want with all that you have.  You must be able to hit the bottom, pick yourself up again and keep going.  You can never give up.

Other People

All money comes from other people.  For some entrepreneurs their biggest challenge is their ego.  The ego mind that makes them think that they need no one but themselves is what many times destroys them.  No successful entrepreneur got to where they are by themselves.  The ‘self made man’ does not exist.  Everyone needs someone to help them get to where they are.  Especially if you are going to be in business, because you need people to pay you.

The author invites you to see some other great tips from some of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs and learn more.  The advice is priceless and has taken years to get.