San Antonio Tires: How to Get a Good Deal

It is funny how unexpected expenses come up. Just when you think you have all of your finances finally under control and start saving more money, something important needs to be replaced. This time around, it is your car tires that need to be replaced, and it is not cheap.

You have probably already been looking around and realized just how expensive a new set of car tires are. So there is no need for me to talk about that. But, I do want to show you a couple of ways to get a good deal on your tires. Why pay retail when you can at least save 10% on your tire purchase.

Since San Antonio has pretty mild weather, we can rule out any type of all-weather or all-terrain tires. These tires are incredibly expensive, so this is a good thing. For a solid set of tires, you should budget between $500 – $700. This will enable you find a sturdy pair of new tires that will last you at least 5 years with proper maintenance.

The first place you should check out for deals are your local newspapers. You know those ad inserts you usually throw away without looking at, well, pay attention to those. Tire shops often advertise their sales along with the car sales and you can also find them in the sports section of the paper. Depending on the time of year, you can look to save 10% – 30% on a good set of tires.

The next stop is searching online. Not only is this a good way to find coupons and discounts from tire stores in your area, but you can also buy your tires online from some of the websites. Usually, the top search results will be for the big national tire shops which do not allow you buy tires directly online. They will direct you to their San Antonio area tire stores and entice you with a 10% coupon. Once you get past all of those brochure sites, you will finally find websites that sell directly to consumers. Many of these shops do not sell the big names, but they do offer strong gaurantees on their products. You can save anywhere from 15% – 25% on these tires.