The Best of the Top 10 Trail Running Shoes

To say that trail running is a challenging activity is an understatement. I know it for a fact because I have tried trail running and let me tell you now that it is not for everybody. It can be a real physical challenge. Remember that in trail running you are not running over paved roads or nice paths but rugged untouched terrain.

You might have to duck, climb, crawl, and wade over streams depending on the kind of trail that you have chosen. That is why trail running is not recommended for those who are not in excellent physical condition. For an activity like trail running, the equipment that you use is very important as well. The trail running shoe for example is very important because it is the first and only line of defense that you can have against the increased impact and shock that you can get from running over uneven terrain.

If you are looking for the best trail running shoe on the market then I have made things a little easier for you. I have taken the top 10 trail running shoes being sold today and compared their qualities and features. I have picked the top three from these shoes based on the cushioning, sole grip, and comfort that they provide. Here are the top three best trail running shoes form the top 10 trail running shoes I reviewed:

New Balance Minimus Trail Zero MT00- The New Balance Minimus line is a series of running shoes that takes on the minimalist principles of shoe making which is the trend these days. One look at it and you know that it is lightweight. But the first thing about this shoe that will strike you is the way that it looks. Although sparse in appearance and in design, it does present a visually stunning look. When you wear this shoe you are going to notice a vast difference in the way that it has been constructed. It is designed to absorb a lot of impact. The outsole too presents a unique look. You can buy this trail running shoe for about $100.

Saucony Pro Grid Peregrine- This shoe was just released in early 2011 and it is already receiving a lot of recognition from running shoe experts. With a heel that is very close to the ground, the Peregrine provides a different running feel than what you can get from other running shoes. Don’t be fooled by that feeling into thinking that you are not getting adequate protection with the Saucony Pro Grid Peregrine. You are. You can buy a pair of these shoes for about $90.

Patagonia Tsali- When you want lightweight footwear for your trail running then you better get the Patagonia Tsali. It only weighs 10 ounces and that should feel like you are not wearing any shoes at all. With these lightweight trail running shoes on your feet you still get enough protection for all your running. You can purchase this lightweight running shoe for about $115.

These are just three of the best trail running shoes available today. As you can see the trend is leaning towards lightweight and minimalist shoes. Any of these shoes are worthy companions for beginner trail runners to seasoned trail runners. I’m a huge fan of New Balance, but that’s only because they always seem to fit my wide feet well right out of the box.